Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Diary , Today Is 12th Of February 2011

Christmas, New Year 2011 & Even Chinese New Year !!

Finally realized that i've neglected my blog for a very very long time

Yesh ! For the past two months, i've been so busy moving house and spending time with my sister & panda baby boy

Took some pictures during the past two months

Not much but to me its meaningful


Really lazy to blog about it now

But i'll upload all the pictures now !

And yes ! A picture worth a thousand words

Enjoy peeps !

Christmas , who doesn't love christmas <3

My lovely sister bing bing in love with my baby mao mao balloon !

And it's time for pressie , one for bing bing and one for panda panda <3 <3 <3

Hope they love it !

AND AND AND My pressie from panda boy

I love it a lot , love u xoxoxoxoxoxoxo MUACKS !

After a week it was new year eventually

Only me and panda boy went to the rocks to watch fireworks display with a massive bunch of people !

On the was walking to the bridge , we saw someone wrote "Jesus" in the sky.

The crowd was insane

Imagine this amount of people at one small little corner and it was only 8pm !

The whole circular quay was pack with poeple from all over the world

First half one the fireworks display was at 9pm and the massive one at 12 midnight !

WELCOME TO SYDNEY 2011 ! <3 <3

Happy New Year 2011 , World PEACE !

After the fireworks, we walked back home and imagine all this people walking towards the train station, do you think they manage to get on the train?


Around 1.5km road FULL OF PEOPLE !

Yeah and as usual

The city didn't disappoint, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up by a dazzling display watched by around 1.5 million people

Not joking at all ! It was massive !!!!

We had a very wonderful evening indeed !

Camwhored a while under the bridge where we stood ;P


After new year, my cousin joined us in sydney

Went to visit one of the exhibition going on beside the opera house


Built in 2010, Mirazozo makes extensive use of an ‘illuminated seam’ feature where luminous seam lines create a scintillating lattice of light.
The pattern of these neon-like strips induce the viewer's gaze to shift between different perceptions of the same view – an effect one encounters in the contemplative geometric surface design of Islamic art and architecture.
Mirazozo’s center dome is the largest open space structure that Architects of Air has built - one particularly suitable for hosting performances. Mirazozo was conceived to be very modular and to permit compact configurations.

After a few weeks

It was officially chinese new year

Didn't manage to go back this year to celebrate with my family & friends

Really very sad =(

But luckily i still have bing bing and panda boy here with me

And btw, my new semester started one day before chinese new year !

This explains i was studying during CNY *sobs sobs*

But whatever, i had my wonderful reunion dinner with my love ones <3 <3

Panda panda, bing bing & cussie brian !

Korean Dinner @ Seoul-Ria

Anyway, i feel so relieved now !

Finally we settled down in our new place


Few more random pictures to share before ending this post

I really miss home a lot

I miss my family

I miss my friends


I wanna go home

I really really wish to see everyone , my love ones

Until then,

xoxoxo Buunnyy
ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ ♥

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Diary , Today Is 9th Of December 2010

Its officially holidays for me now

And i have nothing to do

Due to my new visa

I can't work until my next class start to commence


You can imagine me lying on the bed or sitting on the floor looking at my laptop screen all day

Seriously ! All day........ Zzzzzzzz

Anyway, i've made new friends in my new school

Glecia from indonesia & Honey from korea


Really sweet girls

There is also a few more like wu jing from bei jing, hana from japan, kei kim from korea

Hmmmmmmmmm do really miss them now

Wanted to look for them but apparently most of them has went back

to their own countries for summer holidays

And remember i told you all about me performing in many malaysian events?

Few pictures to show you all

This is my sister bing bing and this is me in my chinese hair

(~_~'' )

Besides performing @ UNSW Malam Gema Malaysia

We were also invited by the deputy prime minister of malaysia to join them for dinner

@ Shangri La Hotel Sydney

Socializing is what i always do back in my hometown

This wasn't to hard for me

Just smile & shake hands , ask how are them , what have they been up to recently

eventually then the conversation will go on & on

Thanks to my family

They taught and brought me up well

Muahahahahaha ^^

Picture token with one of the UMNO committee members

Mr Megat Najmuddin

Pictures of that night

And the beautiful view from our guest room

Isn't fascinating !


Accompanied by tomato slice

I forgot to take photos of the main dish

But basically it was

Steam Cord Fish served with Jasmine Rice

or another choice of main dish

Sirloin Steak served with Mashed Potato & Stir Fried Vege

This is the dessert !

I don't really know what's the name of this dish

But it's definitely 100% so so so so tasty !

It's a combination of coffee and cream cake slice

Accompanied by strawberry jam and chocolate flavoring

But just ignore what i say

Because it's so hard to explain what's going with this delicious awesome piece of cake !

It melts in ur mouth seriously ~

Until then,
xoxoxo Buunnyy
ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ ♥